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Looking forward to a New Year.

Hello. Hi.
Geez, I haven’t posted any sign of life since the beginning of the year and I’m returning as we are a day away to saying goodbye to 2015.
I have played only a handful of shows this year, since having my baby girl in April. My full time gig has been to her, 8 and 1/2 months and her brother, 2 and 1/2.
I sing for them daily. Hadley, my daughter loves it and would gleefully listen all day to my repertoire of songs I seem to have known forever and my made up songs I have created for just her and her brother. My son is not always a fan but is softening his roars to “stop singing, mom!” I actually hear him singing to himself quite a bit these days. It’s so sweet. He loves playing his little toy instruments and regularly asks me to “play in my band, mom?” So he must think I can at least hold my own for that request. 😉
I’m very much enjoying being a Mother and this particular chapter is so good and colorful and hilarious and exhausting and everything and more I have ever wanted.
So, I write here in hopes someone is curious, will I play another show? You better believe it. December 31st I’ll be in downtown Akron in part of First Night. From 745-9pm I’ll be singing in Summit Artspace on the third floor. I would love to see you, sing some songs and say “happy new year!”
I’m ready and excited for 2016 and all its potential.

2015 show highlights:
January- Happy Dog at Euclid Tavern
Rolling Hills Radio
February- Brite Winter Festival
March- SoFar Sounds Cleveland show
September- Art in the Park
December- First Night Akron

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year and Best OF 2014 EP LIST

Happy New Year!
I’m excited for 2015 and a fresh new slate.
-This April, I’ll become a Mom again!! Being a Mother to my sweet,sweet boy has been the very best. I can’t wait to share my love even more with my baby girl.

-writing a Children’s book and music (I love reading to my son and of course singing to and with him. We definitely have some favorite books and authors. I’m excited this new world of creating) no deadline yet. Just beginning with ideas, subjects, scenarios and stories right now.

2014 was good to me. I’m thankful to have been able to record and release my second EP and all the positive feedback it received and continues to receive. Thank you for your support. I’m honored to be selected as one of the Best EP’s in Cleveland of 2014. It was #4 on the top 10 list. Thank you so much, Cleveland Music City.
BEST EP'S of 2014

*This month, on the 29th, I’ll be heading to Jamestown, New York for The Rolling Hills Radio show.
January 30th, I’ll be at Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern with Shawn and Shelby, a new group made up of Shawn from OldBoy and Shelby Sangdahl, a lovely gal who also plays cello on my EP.

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Shows the past few months

Round Town Music Festival
round town

Heights Music Hop

heights music

Heights Arts Holiday store show

heights arts

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Sound of Applause. WMCF.

Yesterday I played with a few members of my band (Chris, John and Al) on WCPN/90.3’s ‘The Sound of Applause.’ I was interviewed by Dee Perry, who is one of the nicest and most gracious people I’ve ever met. We’re so fortunate to have her here in Cleveland.

We were on supporting ‘With Regards To You‘ and talking about our performance at Weapons of Mass Creation. It was a nice interview and Dee has a great way of making you feel relaxed. Though even relaxed, weird sentences still pop out of my mouth. But overall it was so fun.

It marked my third time being on the show. My first was back in 2009, when I moved back to Ohio and the second was in 2011 on the day of my Sweetheart release show. Both were when the show was called “Around Noon.”

I’m so thankful for the support from the good people at that station. You can listen to yesterday’s show here.

I’m really looking forward to Sunday as I’ll be returning to play at the Weapons of Mass Creation Festival. The festival officially begins Friday night with lots of great speakers, designers, bloggers and tons of awesome music!
I’ll be playing as trio with my drummer, John and bassist, Chris. We’re on from 4-430pm on the Beer Garden stage.



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EP/family vacation tour recap


I’ve been meaning to share our adventures on our EP tour/first family vacation. I shared pictures along the way via Facebook and Instagram.

the purple fiddle

We were on the road from June 13th to June 21st.
We drove a lot! I played five shows (The Purple Fiddle, The Urban Farmhouse, Globehopper, The Electric Maid and Roast Rider Coffee) mostly back to back from West Virginia then throughout Virginia. All the venues were quaint and perfect for our small family. August, our one year old made a lot of new friends/fans, did a lot of dancing and clapping too.

our trip
I sang songs, shared my new EP, shared old and new tunes.
I got to play a majority of the shows with my friend, Kelsie McNair and a new, wonderfully talented friend, Lucy Dacus. I also got to reunite with a friend from Chicago, Rebecca Rego. We were lucky enough to play in DC together at The Electric Maid. She and her band the Trainmen were fantastic!

We explored Virginia, specifically Richmond (we saw the Edgar Allan Poe museum and explored Carey St- LOVE), Arlington (visited/stayed with my sister, ate at Sweetgreen, visited my cousins, played in water fountains in the heat), Norfolk (we had a lovely time with Kelsie, went thrift shopping, visited their art museum, walked around a good deal, explored Ghent) and Virginia Beach (we walked the boardwalk, ate on the ocean).
It was a really special first big trip as a family of three. I’m so happy we were able to do it. Thanks in large part to this.

Toward the end of the trip, I stopped in my Sister’s fourth grade class and sang some songs. They had just wrapped up a poetry unit, so we discussed my process writing songs and I got to hear some really great, Virginia-themed (think Captain John Smith),catchy poems they worked on as a class. They were a sweet bunch and loved August.

4th grade class
The majority of our trip was spent with our now real life friend, Kelsie McNair.



She and I have been “on-line” friends for years. Kelsie is a dream of a person. She was so welcoming and full of the most beautiful energy for life. Not surpisingly, Augie and her became pals.

floral guitar
Her home was so light and dreamy. She owns a gorgeous shop in the cute neighborhood of Ghent, in Norfolk. It’s called “With Lavender and Lace,” which is also how she is known across the web. Do you need a phone case? She makes these amazing floral cases. She graciously gifted me one. Find one here.

With Lavender and Lace

floral phone case

Our final stop was in Winchester, Virginia at Dinosaur Land. It.was.awesome!
Dino land
My sister (who lives in Arlington) met us there. At first it looks like a few dinosaurs in a parking lot off of a state road..but is in fact also a big gift shop and lots of dinosaurs and a shark, King Kong, Preying Mantis and a few other creatures that we were fairly certain did not coexist with dinosaurs. It was a wonderful ending to our trip! Augie was a huge fan.


King Kong

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