• CLEVELAND MAGAZINE (2014)- “Ashley Brooke Toussant’s voice floats from song to song like the whimsical balloon she sings about on this five-track EP. The Folksy Kent singer-songwriter crafts the most delicate, tender songs filled with blissful everyday musings, including standout “Days and Days” a melodic tune with utterly fragile vocals.”

• SCENE (2014)- “Ashley’s music cools me off like that milk shake she’s holding on the cover of her album. And dare I say these words…but it seems to me to be all about love. And it takes me back to when “timeless songs” were written and sung and meant to be heard over and over. ”

• MODCLOTH (2011)- “With her album’s angelic vocals and enchanting melodies, it’s clear this Midwest maven has been busy perfecting her talent. ”

• CLEVELAND MAGAZINE (2011)- “a remarkable singer-songwriter whose new album, Sweetheart, suggests she has matured remarkably in both her songwriting and singing.”

• BUZZBIN MAGAZINE (2011)- “Part Dusty Springfield, part folky indie rock and all the way cool, Toussant’s voice has a nostalgic quality that brings to mind simple summer days. If someone said that the Byrds named “Sweet Heart of the Rodeo” after her I’d believe it. Her songs carry a childlike wonder with dark undertones at times, like a fast-moving storm that soaks you before you even see the clouds cover the sun.”

• CANTON REPOSITORY (2011)- “Her singing is natural, endearing and innocent”

• RELATEMAG.COM (2011)- “I really couldn’t decide which I liked more; her voice or her perspective represented in her writing. Both have a purity that few singers today share.

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