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With nearly two weeks before the release show, I wanted to offer a preview of the EP.

EP cover

I started writing “Days and Days” shortly after I got married two years ago. I finished it this Winter. Still being a fan of the cutesy, darling love songs from midcentury, my goal was to write a simple love song. “Easier said than done.” Additions were made, thoughts were changed over and over. But I finally felt it was completed.

It emulates the last couple of years from roses to comfort, from extravagances to grateful company.
I couldn’t have created this overall feel on my own. I am so thankful for my friends and bandmates adding their incredible talents. Really I’m so lucky to know each of them. My songs breathe such a healthy and refined life with their help. Thank you, Al, Chris, Spencer, Shelby and Nate.

You’ll hear the title of the EP in there, “With Regards To You.” After considering a few other subpar titles, I found the most implication behind this phrase. These songs are letters to important people in my life and letters to myself to receive it all.

I think you can pre-order the EP on bandcamp (?) I tried setting it up. It says the pre-ordering is in progress but I don’t currently see an option. But you can download it. I would be so grateful if you shared this with every single human you’ve ever met in your life (just kidding, just who you think might enjoy it..or everyone, your call).

I would appreciate your feedback too! Comments and such on here or social media. Please talk to me.

The official release is May 20th here on the internet (itunes, amazon, spotify..). And if you’re in Northeastern Ohio, May 17th at the Beachland. You can physically pick up a copy.

Sincerely yours,
Ashley Brooke Toussant

*side note: you’ll notice on the writing credits, Ashley Brooke Toussant-Bigler is credited. (Who is that?!) That’s me too. I like having multiple identities.
Bigler is my married name. I didn’t think of the confusion this would bring on (mostly for myself) when I legally changed it. That’s that.

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