Singing to kicks

Happy Monday (as happy as it can be),

Baby boy has been moving, kicking, fists up in the air, (what feels like) somersaults, hiccup-ing a good deal these days. He’s so real. I can’t wait to meet him and love him. He already makes me proud moving around in my belly and (still be my friend) I’m crying typing this. I can’t imagine how much my love will flourish once he’s here.

Five weeks and four days till my due date.

I’ve been singing and playing guitar to him daily. I feel like I need to keep him entertained. He puts his fist up, I assume to give me a high five/good job, Mom.

Hope you’re doing well and enjoying this lovely Spring.


P.S.- I assure you there is a belly there and it is not small.

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  1. 04/29/2013Stephanie says:

    So sweet.

    Love you Ashley & August! 🙂

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